How to learn to swim?

The ability to swim is an important skill and you never know when it will come in handy. There may be a time when it can save the life of you or others. As a rule, usually adults who do not know how to swim have never tried to because of fear. If you belong to this number, then you should overcome this fear and ask for help from trained professionals or relative that possesses strong swimming abilities.

When attempting to learn how to swim the most important thing is to be patient. There is no need to rush the process and try to catch up in a day. Start by getting used to the water, do not try to start training immediately in the deep end of the pool. Be sure to focus on your “comfort”. This stage is necessary for acclimatization and getting rid of any fear you may have of the water. It always helps to relax and tune in to the learning process.

Learn to stay afloat. This is important to understand the principle of how to stay on the surface of the water any time you want. Use a personal flotation device, this will make it possible to get used to the feeling of swimming. As a rule, the position of the body is always perpendicular to the water and legs and arms are always involved. You need to get used to this position and get a feel for it.

As you progress, it is important to master floating. This is a great way to learn how to stay in the water. The technique of floating allows you to stay afloat and does not require the use of active movements. Use a flotation device first, then try to remove it. You need to take a position with your shoulder blades on the water and lean your head back, as if you were lying on a pillow. If you feel that your legs are falling, then put your hands over your head. This will help to improve balance. To achieve the desired effect, you need to completely relax. To start swimming, you will need to easily move your legs and arms.

How to improve results

Use the services of an instructor. You can go to swimming classes to speed up the acquisition of skills. Depending on your convenience, choose group or individual classes.

Remember, it’s never too late to learn how to swim. Most people are ashamed to do this in adulthood. But there’s nothing to it. Believe in yourself, do not constrain desire with complexes and you will certainly succeed.

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