This Season has been very successful for Freedom Aquatics Family.

Starting mid July and concluding on August 7th our swimmers competed at various championships meets. Starting with Senior Mets and ending the season at the highest level Championship Meet – Speedo Junior Nationals our team achieved one of its most successful seasons since its inception!



Jul 15, 2021 – Jul 18, 2021 

Nassau County Aquatic Center, Merrick Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554, USA

With 8 qualifiers – Pelagia Chazov, Alexa Deng, Evan O’Dea, Connor Singer, Corey Su and Meeya Yan competing at this level meet for the first time. Freedom Aquatics was represented at Finals by:

Pelagia Chazov – C Final in 100 Breast

Evan O’Dea – D Final in 100 Fly

Connor Singer – B Final in 100 Breast and 200 Breast

We would like Congratulate Connor Singer on Making Futures cut at this meet in the 100 Breaststroke Event for the first time!

2021 Metropolitan Long Course Junior Olympic Championships

Jul 23, 2021 – Jul 25, 2021 

Nassau County Aquatic Center, Merrick Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554, USA

With over 30 Junior Olympics Qualifiers Freedom Aquatics had the following highlights:

Andriy Badovich – Top-10 in 100 Breast, Top-5 in 200 Fly, Top-16 in 50 Fly, Top-8 in 200 Breast, Top-12 in 400 IM, Top-17 on 200 IM and Top-11 in 100 Fly

Cassidy Chin – Top-14 in 50 Back, Top-20 in 100 Back

Alexa Deng – Top-19 in 100 Breast, Top-9 in 100 Fly, Top-10 in 50 Free

Grace Esposito – Top-19 in 400 Free

Cheri Huang – Top-16 in 100 Breast, Top-12 in 50 Breast, Top-13 in 100 Back, Top-20 in 200 

Breast, Top-18 in 200 Back,  Top-17 in 200 IM and Top-18 in 50 Free.

Andrew Krivenko – Top-13 on 100 Back, Top-15 on 200 Back

Dylan Liu – Top 17 in 100 Free

Eyton Ng – Top-18 in 100 Fly, Top-17 in 200 Fly

Christina Nichi – Top-15 in 50 Breast, Top-19 in 100 Back, Top-15 in 50 Free

Evan O’Dea – Top-10 in 200 Breast, Top-9 in 400 IM, Top-18 in 200 Back and Top-5 in 200 Fly

We would like to Congratulate Evan O’Dea for qualifying for Sectionals in the 100 Fly event for the first time!

Rayane Ould Abbou – Top-7 in 200 Fly and Top-12 in 100 Fly

Connor Singer – Champion – 100 Breast, Top-2 in 200 Breast

Anna Suharev – Top-14 in 50 Breast and Top-16 in 50 Fly

Matthew Temni – Top-19 in 50 Breast, 

Rafael Tkach – Top-8 in 50 Breast, Top-10 in 50 Back, Top-8 in 400 Free, Top-11 in 200 Free, Top-4 in 100 Back, Top-11 in 200 IM, top-18 in 50 Free and Top-12 in 100 Fly

Julia Vencente – Top-20 in 200 Back

Daniel Zurakovskiy – Top-14 in 50 Fly and Top-11 in 50 Free


Freedom Aquatics was also presented by Several Relay Teams. Here’s Highlights of Top-10:

11-12 Boys – 400 Freestyle Relay – Top-7 – Andriy B, Rayana O., Matthew T., Daniel Z.

11-12 Boys – 400 Medley Relay – Top-8 – Matthew T., Andriy B., Rayana O., Liam K.

11-12 Boys – 200 Free Relay – Top-5 – Liam K, Rayane O., Christian N., Daniel Z

13-14 Girls – 200 Free Relay – Top-10 – Alexa D, Megan C., Angelina L., Julia V.

13-14 Boys – 200 Medley Relay – Top-6 – Andrew K., Dillon S., Corey S., Dylan L.

13-14 Boys – 400 Free Relay – Top-10 Andrew K., Dillon S., Justin L., Dylan L.

15-18 Boys – 200 Medley Relay – Top-6 – Evan O., Connor S., Eyton N., Andrew K.


Aug 04, 2021 – Aug 08, 2021 

Collegiate School Aquatic Center, 5050 Ridgedale Parkway, Richmond, VA 23234, USA

Cheri Huang was selected to represent Metropolitan Swimming at this High Level Championship Meet. She successfully competed in the 100 Free, 100 Back and 50 Backstroke events and made her personal bests in all 3 events.


Jul 27, 2021 – Jul 31, 2021 

North Shore Pool, 901 North Shore Dr NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

At this High Level Championship Meet Freedom Aquatics was represented by the boys squad – Russell Geller, William Kwan, Eyton Ng, Evan O’Dea and Connor Singer. With an incredibly competitive Championship meet our swimmers managed to perform at their Best level by putting up personal best times in most of their events. 

At Finals Freedom Aquatics was represented by:

William Kwan – C Final in 100 Breast and 50 Breast 

Evan O’Dea – C Final in 100 Back

Connor Singer B Final in 100 Breast and 50 Breast


August 4th – August 7th

North Shore Pool, 901 North Shore Dr NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

At this 14 and under Championship Meet (One of the highest level meets on the East Coast) – Freedom Aquatics was represented by 13 swimmers with 12 of them qualifying to compete at Finals.

Andriy Badovich – Top-8 in 800 Free, Top-5 in 200 Fly, Top-4 in 200 Breast, Bronze Medalist in 100 Breast  

Pelagia Chazov – Silver Medalist in 50 Breast, Top-5 in 1500 Free, Top-7 in 200 Breast, Bronze Medalist in 100 Breast

Grace Esposito – Top-7 in 800 Free, Top-10 in 50 Free, Top-6 in 50 Fly  

Dylan Liu – Top-5 in 50 Breast and 50 Free, Top-9 in 200 Breast, Top-6 in 100 Free, Top-7 in 100 Breast

Vincent Liu – Top-10 in 200 Back, Top-10 in 100 Back

Christian Nichi – Champion in 50 Breast and 100 Breast , Silver Medalists in 50 Free and 50 Back, Top-9 in 200 IM, Bronze Medalist in 100 Back, Top-6 in 100 Free, 

Rayane Ould Abbou – Champion – 800 Free, Top-10 in 50 Free, Bronze Medalist in 200 Fly, Top-6 in 50 Back, Top-4 in 400 Free, Top-8 in 100 Back, Silver Medalists in 100 Fly, Bronze Medalists in 50 Fly, Top-7 in 200 Free.

Corey Su – Top-5 in 50 Breast, Top-7 in 1500 Free, Top-8  in 200 Breast, Top-8 in 100 Breast.

Anna Suharev – Top-9 in 50 Breast

Rafael Tkach – Top-5 in 50 Back, Bronze Medalist in 100 Breast, Top-6 in 400 Free, Top-10 in 200 Free, Top-8 in 100 Back, Top-5 in 50 Breast, Top-8 in 100 Fly, Top-6 in 50 Free

Julia Vincente – Top-4 in 1500 Free

Suri Zhang – Top-10 in 200 Back, 50 Breast and 100 Back, Top-5 in 50 Back, Top-8 in 200 Breast, Top-8 in 100 Breast


Jul 29, 2021 – Aug 01, 2021 

Huntsville Aquatic Club  2213 Drake Ave. SW Huntswille , AL 35805

Freedom had a successful showing at the 2021 Futures Championship. The team was represented by Eric Konviser, Aidan Rikic, Sam Goncharuk and Max Pintchouk. In one of the more competitive Championships Aidan, Max and Sam managed to make it into the finals sessions in their main events. 

Sam Goncharuk – D Finalists in 200 IM

Max Pintchouk – D Finalists in 100 Breast and C Finalists in 200 Breast

Aidan Rikic – D Finalists in 100 Fly and C Finalists in 50 Free

In addition, Max and Aidan qualified for Summer Junior Nationals and achieved US Open cuts in 100 breaststroke and 50 freestyle respectively. 


August 3, 2021 – August 7, 2021

Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC

At Nationals our swimmers were very competitive as well. Max Pintchouk finished in the top 45 competing with the top junior and college swimmers. Aidan made it into finals in 50 freestyle finishing 27th overall with a personal best time. 

Aidan Rikic – D Finalist on 50 Free

Max Pintchouk – Top- 43 in 200 Breast and Top-44 in 100 Breast

Aside from our swimmers competing at many high level USA Swimming Championship meets, many of our swimmers also competed at the:

2021 Staten Island Interclub Champs 

August 3rd, 2021 – August 5th, 2021

at South Shore Swim Club, Staten Island, NY

Megan Chuk – Top-3 in 100 Free and 100 Breast

Leyla Chuk – Top-7 in 100 IM and Top-4 in 25 Breast 

Julia Grandstaff – Champion in 50 Fly

Justin Hyacinthe – Champion – 200 IM and Silver Medalist in 100 Breast

Eric Konviser – Top-3 in 200 IM and 100 Breast

Andrew Krivenko – Champion in 100 Free and 100 Back

Ethan Poznanski – Top-8 in 50 Breast, Top-9 in 50 Back

John Saccenti – Top-5 in 25 Fly and Top-3 in 25 Back

Dillon Singer – Silver Medalist in 100 Breast and 100 Back

Connor Singer –  Silver Medalist in 200 IM and Champion in 100 Breast

Ryan Tully – Top-8 in 50 Free and Top-7 in 50 Back

In conclusion, we would like to say that this successful season would not have been possible without the hard work of all Swimmers and Coaches as well as the tremendous support from our Swim Parents, Officials, Volunteers and Parent Committee members. We would like to extend a special thank you to Sammi Su and all  members of the Su family for all their hard work and dedication to the betterment of our program. 

Through everyone’s hard work and dedication we were able to achieve an amazing milestone by making it into the Top-15 swim clubs in the Metropolitan Swimming out of more than 100 clubs in both Short Course Yards and Long Course Meters. Remarkably, this was accomplished despite competing against clubs with much larger numbers of swimmers and locations. 

Thanks again for an amazing season!

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