10 Freedom swimmers traveled to Huddleston, VA to compete at ISCA Open Water Championship.
On the first day of the meet, Freedom Aquatics’s youngest and bravest girls, Alexis Yu(10) placed 11th & Page Winters(11) placed 7th successfully completed the half mile swim & half mile run.
Yaroslav Lebedev signed up for three events. Taking the champion title in the 5K Paddleboard race, finishing 4th in the Splash & Dash event (half mile swim & half mile run) and 12th in the 1 mile race. The 5K which was the longest event was successfully completed by Pelagia Chazov, placing 4th.
The Splash & Dash event was also successfully completed by our swimmers:
Dillon Singer – 2nd place
Elizabeth Bailey-Hamm- 2nd place
Corey Su- 3rd place
Andrew Krivenko- 4th place
Vincent Liu- 6th place
Toby Su- 6th place
On the second day, seven of our swimmers competed in the One Mile race:
Pelagia Chazov-2nd place
Dillon Singer – 3rd place
Corey Su – 4th place
Elizabeth Bailey-Hamm- 6th place
Andrew Krivenko-7th place
Yaroslav Lebedev- 12th place
Vincent Liu-15th place
Congratulations to all swimmers for their outstanding performances.
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