Thank you for your interest in joining the Freedom Aquatics staff. We are continuously looking for experienced, motivated and reliable individuals to join our staff in various positions such as instructors, coaches and administrators. We offer positions at our various locations in New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

If you feel you possess these qualities and are interested in joining our “Team” please complete the brief questionnaire

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    1. Freedom Aquatics has several sites (SI, BK, NJ). Please check our location map here and indicate the location(s) you are interested in. If multiple locations please list in order of preference:

    2. What hours are you available to work on a weekly basis, please include weekdays and weekends? (For example: Monday 4:00 pm - 8:30 pm, etc.)

    3. What hourly rate are you seeking?

    4. Do you possess any Red Cross and/or USA swimming certifications? If so please list and provide their expiration dates:

    5. When are you available to start?

    6. What is/was your primary swim stroke (style) as a swimmer? (if applying for a coach or instructor position).

    7. What was your primary event(s) as a swimmer?

    8. Do you have a car?

    9. Are you legally permitted to work in the United States? Do you have the required legal docs (such as social security, passport/alien card) that allow you to work in this country?

    10. Do you speak a second or third language? If so, what other languages do you write/read/speak?

    11. Do you have a criminal record or anything that will prevent you from passing a background check?

    12. What is your availability for a phone interview?