• Withdrawing From Class:

    All tuition and registration fees for full session enrollments are due prior to the swimmers first class. Any cancellation prior to the first class will result in a charge equal to the cost of one class. Cancellations due to a swimmers inability to participate will not incur this cost if a physicians note is submitted. 

    Class Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation by Freedom Aquatics:

    If the class is cancelled due to the weather or pool closure or holidays, our Special Make Up policy does apply.

    Cancellation by a Member:

    1)  If the class is cancelled by a member registered for a session (at a price of a package), due to some personal circumstances, illness, etc – make-ups will not be provided.

    2) All clients participating in the “Pay as you Go” option are required to notify, by email (admin@freedomaquatics.com), their desire to cancel a scheduled class no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled class.

    Failure to cancel at least 24 hours prior will result in the client being charged a fee as follows:

    Private Class: 100% of the cost of the class.

    Group Class: 50% of the cost of the class.

    3) Credit card on file  will be charged in the event that a client fails to cancel a scheduled class (as described above).

    4) With Pay as You Go option you pay only for the classes you attend. However, after 3 missed classes in a row the admin has the option to cancel your remaining scheduled classes. If this happens you will be offered only available openings. This may also cause you to be put on a stand-by or waiting list.


    All Members Must Include the $50 USA Swimming annual registration fee (per swimmer) with their 1st payment prior to their first class. Registration fee is non-refundable.

    The payments are due by the 1st class. Upon registration, you will pay the full or pro-rated tuition amount for the session by check, cash, ACH or Credit/Debit Card. Children will not be put on the schedule until tuition is paid.

    You will be assessed a $35 handling charge on a declined Automatic Debit transaction. Expect to pay these charges in full before your next class or practice. You will be assessed a $30 handling fee for a returned check.

    Replacement transactions must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check or money order. If transactions are returned 3 times, your auto debit privileges will be canceled.

    A $20 Late Fee will be applied to your account if payment is not received prior to the first class.

    There will be No Make Ups/Credits or Refunds for missed classes.

    Refund Policy:

    Freedom Aquatics and Avantis does not issue refunds for any of its programs. Due to our limited enrollment, only medical emergency situations will be considered for a refund. Any withdrawal from an enrolled session will be treated as a cancellation and is not refundable!


    We offer a 5% *Multi-Swimmer Discount (same family) which applies to the full amount (except annual registration fee) of the second and third swimmer (if applicable). *Discount applies to lesser tuition(s) of additional swimmer(s).

    We offer a 5% Multi-Class Discount for the 2nd class which applies to the full amount (except annual registration fee) of the second class (if applicable).

    We offer 10% Multi-Class Discount for the 3rd class which applies to the full amount (except annual registration fee) of the third class (if applicable).

    Per Session Rate: Each Swimmer is billed for the number of classes Per Session.