Congratulations to the Freedom Aquatics swimmers that competed at the 2024 Junior Metropolitan Championships this past weekend. 


Freedom Aquatics swimmers that qualified and competed were: Dennis Audzeyev, Arnav Cherukuri, Leyla Chuk,  Donato D’Amelio, Ashlee Greenberg, Patrick Karpinovich, Elan Katselnik, Liam Korenblit, Sofia Kuznetsova, Vincent Liu, Seam Magyar, Rayane Ould Abbou, Lev Pinchuk, Tim Strochkov, Anna Suharev, Rafael Tkach, Noah Wang, Turker Yesil, Daniil Zabolotckii.


Special congratulations to Donato D’Amelio on becoming a Junior Mets Champion, taking home the Gold in the 100 and 200 Breast.


The majority of our 10 & unders swimmers competed at Junior Mets for the first time and had great performance individually and finished 9th in the 200 Free Relay – Tim Strochkov, Lev Pinchuk, Arnav Cherukuri, Noah Wang!

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