Congratulations to the Freedom Aquatics swimmers that competed at the 2024 MR 15-18 Team Challenge this past weekend. 


Freedom Aquatics swimmers that qualified and competed were: Ahmed Abdelrehim,  Francesco Brillante, Samantha Carroll,  Megan Chuk, Theodora D’Amelio, Max Faybyshenko,  Ian Gomez, Deniz Gurcan, Justin Lerner,  Dylan Liu, Daniel Malkov,  Trevor Mulvey, Eyton Ng, Colin Parham, Alexander Saharov, Aiden Sanders, Matthew Temni, Brian Teplitsky,  Daniel Zurakovski.

Special congratulations to Justin Lerner on taking home Gold in 200 IM and to Eyton Ng on taking home the Gold in the 100 Fly.

Special congratulations to Francesco Brillante, Deniz Gurcan, Justin Lerner, Trevor Mulvey on taking home the Bronze in 200 Medley Relay.

Great Job!


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