On 9/18/21 our swimmers competed, for the first time, at the Metropolitan Open Water Championship at Ray Town Beach, NY. 14 of our swimmers accepted this challenge. Even though our swimmers always train hard in the pool, competing in the open water environment, especially for the first time, was something that pushed them out of their comfort zone. All 14 of our swimmers completed their races successfully and placed in the Top-8, receiving Medals at the awards ceremony.
1 K –
Badovych Andriy – 3rd Place (Male 11-12)
Esposito Grace – 1st Place (Female 11-12)
Belyakov Mihail – 7th Place (Male 11-12)
Korenblit Liam – 4th Place (Male 11-12)
Ould abbou Rayane – 2nd place (Male 11-12)
Suharev Anna – 3rd place (Female 10 and under)
Temni Matthew – 5th place (Male 11-12)
Tkach Rafael – 6th Place (Male 11-12)
1 Mile –
Chazov Pelagia – 2nd place (Female 13-14)
Krivenko Andrew – 1st place (Male 13-14)
3 K –
Geller Russell – 7th place (Male 15 & over)
Kwan William – 4th place (Male 15 & over)
Olivieri Sophia – 6th place (Female 15 & over)
Su Corey – 4th place (Male 13-14)
Coach Merouane, Coach Liz and Coach Nikolay assisted the meet managers by supporting swimmers on Kayaks. We would like to say “thank you” to our officials and parents volunteers. Thank You to Vadim Belyakov for escorting swimmers on his kayak and a special thanks goes to Andriy Badovich for assisting the meet management and officials by escorting every event on his jet ski.
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