We are Happy to announce that the 2019 Long Course Season has been successfully completed with numerous Personal Best Times, Outstanding Improvements and Highlights at Every Championship Meet of the Long Course Season.

We opened the Championship season attending the Berkley Aquatics Championship Meet. (A new meet we received an invitation to and look forward to attending again next year.) Most of the swimmers posted their Personal Best Times and several 13-14 and Open level swimmers got a chance to qualify for Finals finishing in the top 10 and Top-20 in their age group. We had some Top-3 winners awarded at this meet in Individual and Relay events. Here is a list of swimmers finishing in the Top-3:

Individual Events

10 and under
1st Place
Omar Mohamed – 200 Free, 400 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 100 Fly

2nd Place
Daniel Zurakovskiy – 50 Free
Liam Korenblit – 100 Free
Andriy Badovich – 100 Back
Omar Mohamed – 100 Breast, 50 Fly

3rd Place
Liam Korenblit – 50 Free
Maxim Bobrovskiy – 100 Fly
Artem Golender – 200 IM

1st Place
Alexa Deng – 50 Fly
Hudson Pepper – 50 Back, 100 Back, 200 Back
Eyton Ng – 100 Fly

2nd Place
Pelagiya Chazov – 800 Free
Alexa Deng – 100 Fly
Eyton Ng – 200 Free, 200 IM
Hudson Pepper – 400 Free, 200 Breast

3rd Place
Ema Cani – 200 Back
Madisson Meccia – 200 Breast
Eyton, Ng – 50 Free, 50 Fly

2nd Place
Meeya Yan – 100 breast

3rd Place
Russel Geller – 200 back

Relay Events

10 and under
1st Place
200 Free Boys Relay – Liam Korenblit, Daniel Zurakovskiy, Maxim Bobrovskiy, Omar Mohamed

2nd Place
200 Free Boys Relay – Matthew Temni, Michael Attenborough, Joseph Martino, Andriy Badovych
200 Medley Boys Relay – Maxim Bobrovskiy, Michael Attenborough, Ould Abbou, Rayane M, Daniel Zurakovskiy

1st Place
200 Medley Boys Relay – Hudson Pepper, Corey Su, Eyton Ng, Andrew Krivenko

2nd Place
200 Free Boys Relay – Hudson Pepper, Andrew Krivenko, Corey Su, Eyton Ng
200 Medley Girls Relay – Ema Cani, Pelagia Chazov, Alexa Deng, Imogen Miller

The same weekend 5 of our swimmers including 2 of our coaches competed at 2019 Super Sectionals Championships. In addition, our Graduating Senior Swimmer, Danielle Cianciotto, said farewell at her highest level meet ever achieved. Great performances were provided by each swimmer, highlighted by the 400 Medley Relay consisting of Maxim Kleyer, Anthony Attenborough, Alex Bezuglyy and Alex Protsenko clocking a new Team Record and finishing 7th.

We had more than 30 swimmers qualify for the 2019 LCM Junior Olympics Championships. Some of the swimmers qualified for the first time including:

Connor Singer, Artem Golender, Jacob Comia, Michael Attenborough, Joseph Martino, Andriy Badovich, Matthew Temni, Liam Korenblit, Maxim Bobrovskiy, Ema Cani, Chloe Deng, Michael Glinchenko, Fion Hon, Yannis Khudainatov, Mikaela Litovskiy, Lelia Washburn, Meeya Yan, Nicole Yildiz and Daniel Zurakovskiy. Top-20 swimmers have been awarded at this meet.

1st Place
Omar Mohamed – 200 IM

2nd Place
Omar Mohamed – 100 Fly

3rd Place
Omar Mohamed – 50 Breast, 100 Breast,50 Fly

4th Place
Omar Mohamed – 400 Free

5th Place
Omar Mohamed – 50 Back, 100 Back

8th Place
Hudson Pepper – 100 Back, 200 Back

9th Place
Hudson Pepper – 50 Back

10th Place
Lelia Washburn – 50 Breast
Omar Mohamed – 50 Free
Andriy Badovych – 100 Fly

11th Place
Matthew Temni – 100 Breast
Hudson Pepper – 50 Fly

12th Place
Medison Meccia – 200 Breast
Alexa Deng – 50 Fly

13th Place
Andriy Badovych – 400 Free, 200 IM

14th Place
Lelia Washburn – 100 Breast
Andriy Badovych – 200 Free

15h Place
Hudson Pepper – 50 Free

16th Place
Matthew Temni – 400 Free
Hudson Pepper – 400 Free

17th Place
Alexa Deng – 100 Fly
Hudson Pepper – 100 Breast, 200 IM

18th Place
Andriy Badovych – 50 Back
Matthew Temi – 50 Breast, 200 IM
Hudson Pepper – 200 Breast

19th Place
Andriy Badovych – 100 Back

20th Place
Chloe Deng – 100 Breast
Matthew Temni – 100 Back
Relays Events

10 and under
2nd Place
200 Medley Relay Boys – Matthew Temni,Omar Mohamed,Andriy Badovych, Max Bobrovsky.

4th Place
200 Free Relays Boys – Liam Korenblit, Badovych Andriy, Max Bobrovsky, Omar Mohamed

4th Place
400 Free Relays Boys – Max Bobrovsky, Michael Attenbrough, Matthew Temni, Omar Mohamed.

8th Place
200 Free Relays Boys – Golender Artem, Jacob Comia, Michael Attenborough, Matthew Temni

13th Place
400 Free Relay Girls – Alexa Deng, Ema Cani, Pelagiya Chazov, Madison Mecia
At the conclusion of the meet Omar Mohamed was awarded with HIGH POINT AWARD! One of the highest awards of the meet!

2019 LCM Senior Eastern Zones Championships

Anthony Attenborough was the only swimmer who went to Buffalo out of 3 Freedom Aquatics qualifiers to compete at 2019 LCM Senior Eastern Zones Championships in Buffalo, New York! It was a great competitive experience, Anthony qualified for Finals in every single event except 200 Free.

Day 1-100 Breastroke – C Final – 8th place

Day 2 – 400 Individual Medley – D Final – 3rd place

Day 4-200 Breaststroke – C Final – 5th place

2019 Eastern Zones Championships

6 Freedom Aquatics Swimmers went to compete at 2019 Eastern Zones Championships representing the Metropolitan Swimming Team. Andriy Badovich, Matthew Temni, Connor Singer and William Kwan qualified to represent Metro and had great experience competing and showing great performance for the first time. Hudson Pepper had a great performance achieving his personal best times in his backstroke events. Omar Mohamed shined at the meet medaling in several individual and relay events:

Bronze Medal on 400 Medley Relay and 200 Medley Relay

5th place on 100 Breast and 200 IM
7th place on 100 Fly and 200 Free Relay
8th place on 50 Fly and 50 Breast

In the meantime, several Freedom Aquatics Swimmers competed at 2019 Interclub Championships in Staten Island representing South Shore, Hillside, Great Kills and Village Greens Swim clubs. Coaches would like to congratulate South Shore Swim Club on winning the 2019 Staten Island Interclub Championship. We would like to congratulate Andrew Krivenko, Maxim Kleyer and Danielle Cianciotto on winning Most Valuable Player awards. We’d also like to say great job to all Freedom Aquatics swimmers representing different clubs whose efforts contributed to their teams success! Win or lose your work ethic, determination, and perseverance serve as an example for all swimmers.

We would also like to congratulate Nicole Yildiz who successfully competed at the 2019 JCC Maccabi Games bringing home several medals:

1st Place – 50 Free, 200 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 Free, 50 br – 1st place, 200 Free, 50 Back, 100 Breast, 200 Free relay

3rd place – 400 Freestyle Relay.

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